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Eliza is a UK-born painter and writer. She spent many happy summers on the Welsh island of Anglesey, developing a love of painting, inspired by the windswept beaches and iconic lighthouses. In recent years her passion for the shapes and textures of naive still-life works blossomed within her landscapes. Eliza qualified as a copywriter in 2013 and since then her exploration into writing has included books of travel and adventure with children. She is currently working on her next book, in between painting days of course! 
Eliza now lives in Seattle, Washington, painting the Pacific Northwest: still-life objects found on her daily dog walks, the dramatic coastline and historic buildings, the breathtaking mountain ranges, crystal lakes and rolling farmlands. 
Eliza creates richly-coloured mixed media paintings with a simple strong style and imagery. Her paintings are exhibited in galleries across the UK and the US.

ELIZA BROWN: Pro Gallery
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