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Eliza Brown - Spreading her wings in Seattle

It's common knowledge that Eliza Brown is a great traveller; she welcomes the changing seasons and vistas and is just as at home on a canal towpath as sitting on a rock in the Irish Sea. But back in 2016, when Eliza announced that she was about to take a one-way flight to the USA, we could fair smell the leather of our instant blinkers!

Cheshire and the sparkling Isle of Anglesey were about to be consigned to art-history! To be honest, at the time, we would have loved our artist to continue creating her evocative, home-spun, mixed media images right here in the UK.

But still, it was going to be an interesting journey for Eliza and her followers...

Fast forward five years and Eliza Brown is making some of the best artwork of her life!

"My initial feelings about finding my way as an artist when I moved to America were similar to those I had when I was younger and was a new girl at school: How would I find my people? What would they think of me? And of course, would I fit in?"

"Creative communities tend to be kind and open to new people which was a great help in establishing myself here. In fact, being an artist in America has helped some hopefully life long friendships."

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