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Studio or Sanctuary? Or Both?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Lockdown: Mankind has been monumentally stiffed by circumstance and the globe is gradually grinding to a halt. Retail has all but gone to bed on the high street, so we might just as well succumb to forced hibernation.


It's all going downhill unless you're a creative thinker - someone who thrives on the make-do-and-mend ethos of true artistry - in which case you’ll mix coal dust to make paint.

Of course, it isn’t just artists and gallery owners who are having to think outside the box, but we are on the art page right now, and it's gratifying to think that the studio door is always open for business and much-needed sanctuary when inspiration takes a direct hit.

The art studio is a great place to start when introducing an artist. Ian Pearsall and Ceri Pritchard are poles apart in terms of their individual style and the same goes for their studios. It’s where they make their magic, it’s irresistible to the onlooker. There’s always something rather ‘Holy of Holies’ about someone else’s inner sanctum of creativity, but no-one would turn down the opportunity to trespass for a while. So, let's do it!

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